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Almost the start of another academic year!

After a really enjoyable summer looking after my children, I’m really looking forward to sewing again.  This next academic year promises to be really exciting with plenty of ‘tried and tested’ and new projects available.  In addition to all of last terms classes and workshops, a new adult afternoon sewing class will run. This has been started due to demand for fun, relaxed classes and will hopefully be as popular as the current Thursday afternoon ones.  Please do get in contact via or 07713255562 if you would like any more information.  Roll on September 15th 2018, when the first sewing day will be upon us!

A busy week at weSew!

It’s been a super busy week here at weSew! I have begun private lessons for two lovely home educated girls, the infants made cactus pin cushions and the secondary school aged young people used the electric machines to create storage caddies. My afternoon adults made everything from seat cushions to skirts and were so industrious we almost ran out of time for tea and cake! Some of the juniors finished their ‘sleep-over tidies’ (an adaptation of a basic peg bag to include pockets for everything required on a sleep over!). Finally, a special mention to Jessie MacDonald whose party I hosted this afternoon….time for a rest now!

Infants with their cactus pin cushions


Sleepover tidies complete!

Secondary school aged young people sewing on the electric machines

Almost the end of the spring 2018 term!

During last week at weSew both the evening classes (adults and y7+) finished their wooden handled bags. You can buy the wooden handles on line and I then drew a simple pattern in the style of a traditional ‘knitting bag’.

Henry with his travel wipes covers

In the infants class we made fabric covers for a packet of travel wipes (well done to Henry Wickes for getting Sewer of the Day) and the juniors persevered with making their gilets. I purchased lovely thick fur but it is proving hard work to sew (not to mention the fur that I have to keep brushing up in the sewing room!). Not long to go before they are finished as most people are now attaching the linings before we turn them in the correct way and attach at the shoulder seams. Pictured are the two winners of Sewer of the Day – Chloe Poore and Rebecca Saunders.

Rebecca has attached her lining and just needs to turn the correct way through the gaps we have left in the shoulders.

A busy week for weSew!

Last week was a super busy one here at weSew with 7 classes! The infants class prepared for the cold weather forecasted. They made wonderful teddy bear water bottle covers. One of the dads picked his favourite – well done to Poppy Ley. Sewer of the day for the earlier juniors class went to Evie Parker, pictured with her amazing reversible sequin cushion. The juniors are now on to making fur gilets with luscious fur purchased from Fabric Land. Cutting out the fur and trimming back the seams has been a massive task. Thank you to Mrs Thornton and also to Hayley Enright for their help with this. This is quite a challenging sewing project and has necessitated tiny tacking stitches. Well done to Amber Harvey for sewing perfect tacks. The teenager and adult evening classes were well attended and everyone enjoyed starting their wooden handled bags. Finally the first ‘Saturday Sew’ was a great success with participants making pen pots and covered ring binders. All takings from these events are for charity and birthday girl Isobel Dines (Claire Dines) has the honour of choosing her preferred charity. Its all set for another busy week to come!

Teddy bear water bottle covers

Reversible sequin cushion

Tiny tacking stitches

The reversible sequinned cushions are finished!

This week the Infants made sleep masks and also created a ‘pin the tall on the donkey’ game so that their masks could double up as blind folds! Well done to Sienna and Holly Poore for winning sewer of the day. In the Juniors class, most people finished their reversible sequin cushions. We made our own cushion pads from pillows. This is a really cost effective method because you can make 3 cushion pads from a £1.50 pillow.

First sewing classes of the Spring 2018 Term

I really enjoyed the first week back to sewing.

The infants made door hangers for their bedrooms (the kind that say ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’). Thank you to Katie Enright I(weSew assistant helper) for cutting out all the pieces of felt required. Well done to Amelia Stewart and Mae Morgan for their wonderful sewing and positive attitudes. Both won sewer of the day.

In the junior class, the girls started their reversible sequin cushion covers. One of the children was worried they were going to have to hand stitch the sequins on! I actually bought the fabric on the role and cut out a square panel to go on the front of their envelope fold cushion. We had two new girls join us this term and both won sewer of the day because it is never easy joining an established group and they did brilliantly. Welcome to Keira Thomas and Evie Lakin.

Finally, it was great to see the adults during the Thursday afternoons class too. During this session, people make whatever they want ranging from a pencil skirt to a notice board, pencil case and even a warm dog coat!

Infants showing off their door hangers

Reversible sequin cushion

Welcome to new members of the after school club

New programme of classes for the Spring 2018 term published!

There are some really exciting classes available this term including a new monthly ‘Saturday Sew’ 2 hour workshop ideal for adults and children alike.  The first Saturday Sew is on 27th January 2018 from 10am – 12 noon.  There will be a range of enjoyable sewing activities on offer which will be as much fun for parent and child as they will for a beginner adult.  Please email ( or call 07713255562 to enquire or book places).

Henry Wicks is sewer of the day!

Henry Wicks had waited all term to get ‘Sewer of the Day’ and he achieved it on the last Wednesd2016_0323(002)ay before Easter with style. We made signs reading ‘Easter Bunny – Please stop here!’ by sewing felt rabbits directly onto thick card and then lightly stuffing them to give them a 3D look. Henry’s egg cosy won him the award because it had the cheekiest look to it! By using a small amount of red chalk onto white felt we created a slight blush giving the chicks face real appeal! Well done Henry!