First sewing classes of the Spring 2018 Term

I really enjoyed the first week back to sewing.

The infants made door hangers for their bedrooms (the kind that say ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’). Thank you to Katie Enright I(weSew assistant helper) for cutting out all the pieces of felt required. Well done to Amelia Stewart and Mae Morgan for their wonderful sewing and positive attitudes. Both won sewer of the day.

In the junior class, the girls started their reversible sequin cushion covers. One of the children was worried they were going to have to hand stitch the sequins on! I actually bought the fabric on the role and cut out a square panel to go on the front of their envelope fold cushion. We had two new girls join us this term and both won sewer of the day because it is never easy joining an established group and they did brilliantly. Welcome to Keira Thomas and Evie Lakin.

Finally, it was great to see the adults during the Thursday afternoons class too. During this session, people make whatever they want ranging from a pencil skirt to a notice board, pencil case and even a warm dog coat!

Infants showing off their door hangers

Reversible sequin cushion

Welcome to new members of the after school club

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